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Pourriez  vous mettre ce pack en fbx ou en zip car  les fichiers rar ne passent pas sur Unreal Engine 4


Good job Korveen! Very good models!


Hi thanks a lot for the assets. Used some of them for this game under development:


Love the style, simple and beautiful! Thanks for sharing this stuff. Using some tree models in my game plant daddy

Hia, just wanted to ask, if I was to use this in my game and potentially go commerical with it, would I be permitted to do so? 

I will most defienetly link and credit you for the assets I would use. 

Yes, sure! It would be very interesting for me to look at what will come out


is it free for commercial use ?

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Yeah, sure.

Specify only the link to the pack


Great asset. The speed level design video was even better :)

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Great asset, great work.